Renewables for clean energy buildings in a future power system
2019-2023 | EU - H2020-LC-SC3-2018-RES-4-814865

RES4BUILD will decarbonise the energy consumption in buildings by developing integrated renewable energy-based solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of users and installers. The consortium’s multidisciplinary team of experts will:

  • Improve the performance and reduce the cost of the most innovative components of the RES4BUILD solutions.
  • Develop tools for simulation, sizing and control, making optimal use of integrated energy systems and the flexibility of consumption, while respecting the wishes of end-users.
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders in an interactive process to co-design integrated energy systems that suit current needs and future expectations.
  • Test and validate various RES4BUILD solutions in different climates.
  • Pave the way for bringing the developed solutions to the market using rigorous life cycle assessments to measure their real impact, ensuring wide adoption.
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