Researcher Emeritus, Physicist


Spyros Messoloras is Research Director Emeritus. He graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Athens and he obtained his PhD from the Physics Department of the University of Reading, in UK. In the period 1975-1984 he served as Senior Research Fellow at the University of Reading, UK and subsequently he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of the University of Athens. In 1995 he got the position of Research Director at the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”. He has carried out research at A.E.R.E. Aldermaston, U.K., U.K.A.E.A. Harwell, U.K., S.E.R.C. Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory, U.K., Institut Laue-Langevin, France, Daresbury Laboratory, U.K., and Hahn-Meitner Institut, Germany He has been member of the Science and Technology Advisory Committee of the European Fusion Programme (1999 – 2007), member of the EUROfusion Scientific Boards in Materials and JET2 and JET3 sub-projects (2014-2019) and national representative in the European Neutron Scattering Association (2000 – 2007). His research interests include among others radiation damage in alloys and semiconductors, fusion energy materials, structural and mechanical properties of alloys, crystalline and amorphous magnetic materials, magnetic thin films and multilayer structures, semiconductor materials & semiconducting multilayer structures, molten salts and liquids, data reduction, analysis software development and numerical modelling.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

European Fusion Project

2014-2021 | European Commission / Horizon 2020

Project summary

The EUROfusion programme is based on the Roadmap to the Realisation of Fusion Energy. The programme has two aims:
  • Preparing for ITER experiments
  • Developing ...


Hybrid Ablative Development for Re-entry in planetary Atmospheric thermal protection system

2012-2014 | European Commission / FP7

HYDRA aims the development of hybrid thermal protection systems (TPS) for their use in space applications with extreme oxidative environments and high temperature resistance, such as hot parts of space vehicles for orbital entry, planetary probes and NEO exploration. HYDRA is addressed to the int...


Multifunctional Components for Aggressive Environments in Space Applications

2011-2013 | European Commission / FP7


Fusion Emerging Technology & Fusion Technology

2008-2013 | European Commission / FP7

Scientific Coordination of the tasks:

  • Radiation damage in Fe and Fe-Cr alloys by electrical resistivity measurements
  • Short-range ordering kinetics in Fe-Cr alloys under irradiation
  • Effect of iron ion irradiation on the structural and magnetic properties of thin F...


Fusion Energy Materials Science – Coordination Action

2008-2011 | European Commission / FP7

The timely availability of qualified materials for use in fusion power reactors is a necessity for the fast deployment of fusion power. 27 European institutions have joined together in the FEMaS-CA to advance fusion materials science in Europe and in close cooperation with EFDA, the European Fusion ...


New Materials for Extreme Environments

2004-2010 | European Commission / FP6

Τhe ExtreMat Integrated Project targeted on the creation of new multifunctional materials being beyond reach with conventional incremental materials development only. Based on an integrated approach, ExtreMat will dramatically pushed forward the limits in materials technology and provided and indust...

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