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Student internships

INRASTES offers undergraduate student short-term (usually one to six months, depending on their university) internship opportunities under the supervision of our researchers. We may also accept students from Universities abroad or exceptional senior high-school students. During their time at INRASTES, the interns receive basic training on conducting laboratory experiments or using computer models or analyzing data etc. and assist in the research of their supervisor. Interested candidates from Greek Universities can find a list of available internship positions at the ATLAS platform. You may also check the INRASTES website to find topics of more interest to you, and contact directly the researchers working on these topics. If you need further information or guidance, please contact the INRASTES Education Officers (see below).
Note that, interns need to be insured to gain access to NCSR “Demokritos”. For students of Greek Universities, the employee insurance fees are covered by the Internship Department of the university, which usually gives a compensation to the intern. In very few cases, interns can get funded from the budget of their supervisor (if such budget allowance is available).


Professional training

Finally, INRASTES has served as a training site for the technical staff of the Greek Radiopharmaceutical Industry. The vast majority of the Radiochemistry Labs of the Nuclear Medicine Clinics as well as the PET/SPECT industrial production units employ Production and Quality Assurance Managers who have been trained / educated at INRASTES.

In addition, we regularly organize radiation protection seminars for the personnel of the National Security Forces; particularly the staff of the Police, the Fire Department and professionals in airport / airline security. Members of the Nuclear Research Reactor Laboratory participate as trainers in International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) actions  regarding physical protection of nuclear material & nuclear facilities.


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