Research Area

Nuclear Technology

Research Area

Nuclear Technology

The Nuclear Technology Division research effort is organized in three main domains:
– Fusion technology,
– Fission technology, and
– Management of radioactive waste.

In addition, we are responsible for the safety of the nuclear research reactor facility, which is currently in state of extended shut-down.





The production of energy from fusion, the power source of the sun and stars, is one of the most important scientific challenges that will offer humanity sustainable, safe, nearly unlimited and CO2 free energy. The fusion research group is working towards this end within the framework of the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy, the EUROfusion project, which is funded by European Commission’s Euratom programme. The fusion research activities of the group refer to JET and ITER Fusion Technology, fusion materials, plasma facing components and the understanding of radiation damage phenomena and how these affect the properties of materials. Furthermore, the group coordinates the NCSR “Demokritos” fusion technology research program.


The Greek Nuclear Research Reactor

Fission technology is entering a new era in which new generation reactors will redefine the role of nuclear power worldwide. Future nuclear fission reactors of advanced design, reduced construction and operation costs, reduced environmental impact and operating in synergy with renewable energy sources, will provide electricity to the grid without carbon emissions and at predictable costs. The computational nuclear technology team participates in this effort by conducting modelling and simulations to develop new and advanced nuclear reactor designs, as well as to improve the use and safety of existing research reactors


Radioactive Waste Management

Safe treatment, storage and disposal of radioactive waste from nuclear operations are of out-most importance for the protection of people and the environment. The Radioactive Waste & Materials Management Laboratory provides the sole infrastructure and expertise in Greece in the field of management of radioactive waste as well as disused shield radioactive sources and devices. Moreover, it provides know-how services for radiological characterization of waste and facilities as well as for decommissioning of nuclear infrastructures.

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