Fusion Energy Materials Science – Coordination Action
2008-2011 | European Commission / FP7

The timely availability of qualified materials for use in fusion power reactors is a necessity for the fast deployment of fusion power. 27 European institutions have joined together in the FEMaS-CA to advance fusion materials science in Europe and in close cooperation with EFDA, the European Fusion Development Agreement.

The overarching objective of this Coordination Action is: The FEMaS-CA will create a European research environment in which fusion materials science for the realization of fusion power can be carried out with optimum effect.

To enforce this objective, the goals of the project are:

  • It will strengthen the application of advanced materials characterization methods which is an essential ingredient for the successful development of fusion reactor materials in Europe.
  • It will form a strong European network involving institutions and large scale facilities outside of the present fusion programme
  • Within this network bi- and multilateral collaborative activities shall be carried out.
  • Together with EFDA activities it will contribute to the formation of lasting and efficient European structure for fusion materials science and development.

FTG Role:


  • Scientific Coordinator for NCSRD, Scientific Coordinator of the Work-package “Neutron based techniques”
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