Hybrid Ablative Development for Re-entry in planetary Atmospheric thermal protection system
2012-2014 | European Commission / FP7

HYDRA aims the development of hybrid thermal protection systems (TPS) for their use in space applications with extreme oxidative environments and high temperature resistance, such as hot parts of space vehicles for orbital entry, planetary probes and NEO exploration.

HYDRA is addressed to the integration of ablative outer-shield and their joining with thermostructural frames based on ceramic composites (CMCs) and will provide an innovative technology solution consistent with European supplier’s capacities. There are expected improvements such as higher insulation, protection capability, lightweight, superior resistance and improved safety due to shock absorbance during the atmospheric re-entry and the ability to reach a TRL level between 4 and 5 at the end of the project (as expressed in the Human spaceflight and Exploration Preparation Programme).

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