Fusion Emerging Technology & Fusion Technology
2008-2013 | European Commission / FP7

Scientific Coordination of the tasks:

  • Radiation damage in Fe and Fe-Cr alloys by electrical resistivity measurements
  • Short-range ordering kinetics in Fe-Cr alloys under irradiation
  • Effect of iron ion irradiation on the structural and magnetic properties of thin Fe layers
  • Magnetic properties and short range order in model FeCr alloys
  • Magnetic and electrical properties of nano-structured ODSFS
  • Experimental validation of phase stability of Fe-Cr alloys by XRD, SANS and Mösssbauer measurements
  • Determination of magnetic and structural properties in FeCr alloys
  • SiC coatings on EUROFER
  • Phase transformations in FeCr alloys
  • Neutron Streaming Calculations – Blanket
  • Measurements and calculations of neutron streaming through JET Torus hall ducts
  • Development of a gamma ray spectrometry method for non-destructive evaluation of induced radioactivity at components of a fusion device
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