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Dr. Diamando Vlachogiannis holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics 1997 (Imperial College, London), M.Sc. in Remote Sensing 1993 (UCL, Imperial College, London), B.Sc. in Astrophysics 1992 (University College London). She is a Research Director in the Environmental Research Laboratory (EREL) of NCSRD “Demokritos” and σhe has extensive expertise in the coordination and management of large-scale research and development projects with the participation of industry and academia at both National and European level. Ηer research interests include Atmospheric modelling, Climate research, Climatology and Climate Change and related impacts, Climate Services, Climate Modelling (Regional Scale), Compound Events (Extremes), Causality and Attribution of Climate Characteristics, Climatology at mesoscale and local scales, Dynamical Downscaling, Air Quality of urban environments, Pollutants Dispersion modelling, Emission Inventories of air pollutants, Artificial Neural Networks, Environmental impacts of energy processes.

She has successfully coordinated an FP5 EC project and a research project funded from National (Greek) sources. She has been the Principal Investigator of 8 R&D collaborative projects funded by the EC and National Entities (General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greek Ministry of Environment). She has scientifically been involved in another 22 externally funded research projects. She has been the scientific person in charge of 18 Environmental Impact Assessment Studies assigned by Greek & European Industries. She carries important expertise in the management support of numerous EC (from FP4 to Horizon Europe) funded R&D projects and Thematic Networks with collaborators from the European Industry and Academic Research Institutes. She has been the national representative in COST Action ES1102 (2011-2015). She is invited Expert Evaluator and Vice Chair in FP7, Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe and reviewer in 14 journals. She has supervised/co-supervised 3 PhD candidates, 2 Post-doctoral researchers, 1 MSc student and 4 undergraduate students from various National Academic Institutions. She has co-authored more than 45 publications in peer reviewed journals, 15 chapters in books and more than 110 contributions to international and national conferences.

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Selected Publications

Selected Grants

Developing a holistic, risk-wise strategy for European wildfire management

2020-2023 | H2020 101003890

Wildfires represent a significant challenge for both society and the economy. The EU-funded FirEUrisk project will develop, assess, and promote a science-based integrated strategy to improve existing wildland fire risk assessment, create efficient methods to reduce fire risk and adapt management str...


WIND and wave Scenarios, Uncertainty and climate Risk assessments for Forestry, Energy and Reinsurance

2017-2021 | WINDSURFER is funded through the ERA4CS ERA-NET and the European Commission.

Extreme winds pose major risks to life, property and forestry, while extreme ocean waves can impact on offshore infrastructures and coastal communities. WINDSURFER is a 3-year project that brings together eight leading research institutions across Europe to co-develop new methods, tools and assessme...


Integrated SERVices and approaches FOR Assessing effects of climate change and extreme events for FIRE and post fire risk prevention

2017-2021 | ERA4CS

The main objectives of SERV_FORFIRE project is to provide integrated Climate Services (CS) for forest fire assessment and mitigation strategies, at climatic time scales (from seasonal to longer time scales), for creating a bridge between observations, model development, operational products, informa...


European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs

2017-2021 | ERA4CS

Project Title: « European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs » ECLISEA is a project that aims to advance coastal and marine climate science and associated services through developing innovative research of sea surface dynamics. The project is built upon the premise that the outcomes s...


Assessment of impact of sf6 and pfcs reservoir tracers on global warming and development of environmentally friendly tracer technology

2001-2004 | FP5-EESD

SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) and PFCs (per fluorocarbons) are gas molecules, which are being used as the state-of-the-art tracers in tracer technology programmes aimed at hydrocarbon reservoir characterization and efficient oil recovery. Despite the term "tracers", these chemicals are employed for the...

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