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Selected Publications

Selected Grants

Assessment of impact of sf6 and pfcs reservoir tracers on global warming and development of environmentally friendly tracer technology

2001- | FP5-EESD

SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) and PFCs (per fluorocarbons) are gas molecules, which are being used as the state-of-the-art tracers in tracer technology programmes aimed at hydrocarbon reservoir characterization and efficient oil recovery. Despite the term "tracers", these chemicals are employed for the...


WIND and wave Scenarios, Uncertainty and climate Risk assessments for Forestry, Energy and Reinsurance

2017- | WINDSURFER is funded through the ERA4CS ERA-NET and the European Commission.

Extreme winds pose major risks to life, property and forestry, while extreme ocean waves can impact on offshore infrastructures and coastal communities. WINDSURFER is a 3-year project that brings together eight leading research institutions across Europe to co-develop new methods, tools and assessme...


European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs

2017- | ERA4CS

Project Title: « European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs » ECLISEA is a project that aims to advance coastal and marine climate science and associated services through developing innovative research of sea surface dynamics. The project is built upon the premise that the outcomes s...


ntegrated SERVices and approaches FOR Assessing effects of climate change and extreme events for FIRE and post fire risk prevention

- | SERV_FORFIRE is is part of ERA4CS (European Research Area for Climate Services), an ERA-NET initiated by JPI CLIMATE and co-funded by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

The main objectives of SERV_FORFIRE project is to provide integrated Climate Services (CS) for forest fire assessment and mitigation strategies, at climatic time scales (from seasonal to longer time scales), for creating a bridge between observations, model development, operational products, informa...


The Study of Climatic Variations and Atmospheric Pollution in Greece: Assessment of Future Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts at Local Scale


, the assessment of the climate change impacts in Greece was carried out directly with input of parameters calculated at global scale from global climate models (GCM). Problems from such approach may rise due to the inability of the global scale parameters to capture the effects of complexity of loc...

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