Integrated SERVices and approaches FOR Assessing effects of climate change and extreme events for FIRE and post fire risk prevention
2017-2021 | ERA4CS

The main objectives of SERV_FORFIRE project is to provide integrated Climate Services (CS) for forest fire assessment and mitigation strategies, at climatic time scales (from seasonal to longer time scales), for creating a bridge between observations, model development, operational products, information translation and user uptake. SERV_FORFIRE project will contribute at creating an international collaborative community of climate information providers, experts in remote sensing, soil and vegetations, risk management and mitigation, along with users, decision makers and planning authorities in order to:
A. strengthen the science-policy-society nexus using a participatory approach, by improving already operational or experimentally tested CS in Europe, tailoring relevant information for decision and policy makers through a participative and circular approach, capacity building user-centric tools, specific training programs and dissemination activities,
B. increase efficiency of decision and policy makers authorities response, to improve the preparedness level of our societies and to limit the high economic cost of climate variability impact on fire and post fire risks, by developing methods and specific procedures within the framework of fire and post fire risk management in Europe at climatic time scales (from seasonal to longer time scales).
Recognizing the scale and complexity of wild fires, the network of the research Institutions involved assures a comprehensive investigation devised for the different phases of fire management (pre and post fire) and for the different ecosystems and geographic areas ranging from Southern to Northern Europe. The study is focalised on creating an international collaborative community of research Institutions with climate information providers to share experiences, data, data format and meta data, scientific and technical language, approaches, methods and specific procedures within the framework of fire and post fire risk management in Europe. Moreover, all partners involve decision makers and planning authorities at diverse levels from the municipality to national levels. This constitutes a significant test procedure for CS that will also stimulate additional cooperation beyond the project itself.
The synergistic and complementary activities of all the partners involved in the SERV_FORFIRE consortium will lead to the development of an improved and integrated “fire and post fire” product portfolio complementary to what EFFIS (from JRC) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service will routinely deliver for fire management.

1. CNR-DTA, Italy
2. Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
3. Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM), France
4. Environmental Research Laboratory, INRASTES, NCSRD
5. Global Change Research Centre CAS (CzechGlobe), Czech Republic
6. CSIC, Spain

SERV_FORFIRE is part of ERA4CS (European Research Area for Climate Services), an ERA-NET initiated by JPI CLIMATE and co-funded by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

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