Research Director, Physicist


Research Director, Responsible for the Computational Nuclear Technology Activity in the Nuclear Research Reactor Laboratory. Education in Athens University: BSc Physics, MSc Experimental Fluid Dynamics, PhD Computational Fluid Dynamics. Professional Experience: Research Associate, NCSR “Demokritos” (1986–1993); Post-Doctoral Researcher, Joint Research Center ISPRA, (1994-1995); Research associate, NCSR “Demokritos” (1996–2004); Researcher, NCSR “Demokritos” (2005–today). Investigator (in some coordinator) in a number of R&D Projects with the E.C. and the Greek Secretariat for Research & Technology as well as in Provision of Services Projects for the Greek Industry. Responsible in several educational programs including Diploma Theses, Practical Trainees, MSc and PhD theses in collaboration with domestic and foreign Universities and Academic Institutes. List of publications can be found in the ResearchGate website.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

Identifying Adequate Small Modular Reactors Technology for Innovative H2 Production, Compression and Storage

2019-2021 | International Atomic Energy Agency - Coordinated Research Programme

The overall objective of this Coordinated Research Project (CRP) is to assess the experience gained from R&D on nuclear hydrogen production in IAEA’s Member States and the potential near-term deployment of nuclear hydrogen production. This on-going CRP is expected to develop a roadmap for upscal...


Options and Technologies for Managing the Back End of the Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle

2016-2021 | International Atomic Energy Agency - Coordinated Research Programme

The goal of the Research Project was to provide a comprehensive set of strategies for Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle (RRSNF) management, and to assist in the decision making process of a preferred option for each State’s particular situation. The development of a set of decision support tools w...


Less Nuclear Waste & Safer Exploitation of Research Reactors

2013-2015 | NSRF project - Program Thales

The goal of LENSER project was twofold: (a) to develop an enhanced, dynamic, stochastic neutronics code able to analyze GENII/III reactors as well as Accelerator Driven Systems (ADSs, as an option to safely burn minor actinides) and (b) to investigate methods for improving the Research Reactors’ (RR...


Nuclear Reactor Integrated Simulation Project

2009-2012 | European Commission - FP7

The target of the NURISP Collaborative Project was to make new and significant steps towards the NURESIM European Reference Simulation Platform, which is a set of state of the art software devoted to the simulation of normal operation and design basis accidents of light water reactors (BWR, PWR, VVE...


Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives for Material Testing Reactor innovations

2006-2009 | European Commission - FP6

MTR+I3 objective was to build a durable cooperation between Material Testing Reactor (MTR) operators and relevant laboratories that can maintain European leadership with updated capabilities and competences regarding reactor performances and irradiation technology. ...

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