Options and Technologies for Managing the Back End of the Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle
2016-2021 | International Atomic Energy Agency - Coordinated Research Programme

The goal of the Research Project was to provide a comprehensive set of strategies for Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle (RRSNF) management, and to assist in the decision making process of a preferred option for each State’s particular situation. The development of a set of decision support tools was planned, which should consider not only the cost of the possible RRSNF management strategies, but also the non-economic factors that might influence their selection.

Major Achievements

The Project output is an IAEA Technical Document that reports on existing technology options that can be used for Research Reactor (RR) spent fuel management. Only those options that are feasible now, or expected to be available soon, with little technology development required, are presented. The focus was on two objectives, of identifying the options available for managing research reactor spent fuel and the use of the decision support tools developed to assist IAEA’s Member States in developing their RR spent fuel management strategies. The focus is put on how Member States can use information on the existing technologies to select the appropriate option for their situation. Examples of the technologies that are currently used by some Member States are also provided. Additionally, information is provided about the decision support tools developed as part of this project, along with case studies and tutorials to assist the Users.

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