HELENY (Eleni)

Researcher Emeritus, Biologist

Dr. Florou is a research scientist, Director of Research, Former Head of the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (2012 – 2018) of the Institute of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences and Technology Energy and Safety (INRASTES) of the National Centre for Scientific Research ‘’Demokritos’’. Her research experience focuses on environmental radioactivity and Radioecolology (marine and terrestrial) including detection of radionuclides and trace contaminants by use of bio-indicators, study of effects of protracted low-level irradiation by cytogenetic tools, transfer and bioaccumulation of radionuclides in marine and inland aquatic ecosystems, remote radiological assessment in the marine environment, dose assessment and the derived basic safety standards. She is the Greek representative in a number of IAEA TC RER programs and an expert of IAEA and EU in environmental radioactivity and radiological food control. Dr Florou has over 200 publications (journals, conferences, reports etc). Besides, she conducts the routine environmental monitoring program of ERL and two programs of provision of specialized scientific services for stakeholders. Since 2019 is a collaborating senior researcher (submission for emeritus in the due time).

Publications: Over 260, (Journals – 55, Invited Lectures, Int./Nat. Conferences, Scientific Reports, Technical Reports,  Educational Lectures, Monographs – over 200)

Selected Grants

Development and adaptation of a cytogenetic tool for the detection of the synergistic action and the effects of radiological and conventional pollution on the marine environment

2020-2022 | IKY/SSF

The research is related to the use of the cytogenetic observations for the analysis of the effects caused to marine organisms by the synergistic action of radioactive and conventional pollutants. The methodological approach is applied on field data in order to highlight the actual synergistic effect...


Study on the relation of radioactive pollution and satellite observations of marine parameters and comparative analysis on a Geographic Information System

2017-2021 | ΙΣΝ/SNF

The research focuses on the creation of an innovative tool dedicated to the remote control of radioactive conservative pollutants (Cs-137) in the marine environment, by integration of in situ measurements, satellite observations, models and GIS. The case study which is investigated during this proje...

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