Study on the relation of radioactive pollution and satellite observations of marine parameters and comparative analysis on a Geographic Information System
2017-2021 | ΙΣΝ/SNF

The research focuses on the creation of an innovative tool dedicated to the remote control of radioactive conservative pollutants (Cs-137) in the marine environment, by integration of in situ measurements, satellite observations, models and GIS. The case study which is investigated during this project is in the Aegean Sea around Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. The relations of SST, SSS, ocean color and nutrients marine parameters with in situ Cs-137 activity concentration measurements in the Aegean Sea are explored and analyzed (temporally and spatially), aspiring to result to a conjoint model scheme for the remote recording and forecasting of Cs-137 activity concentration in the sea surface. The tool will be used for the remote detecting of: a) the inventory of radioactive pollution (Cs-137) for cost-efficient monitoring in the marine environment to assess the radiological status (as no satellite marine product is available yet), b) the impact assessment of possible radiological events and incidents, c) the estimation of the effects on the ecological pyramid (food chain) of radioactive pollution for dose estimations to ecosystems. Moreover, it may be a reliable tool supporting decision-makers for early application of countermeasures in case of radiological events.

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