Animal Experimentation Lab


Laboratory animal housing. Animal experimentation with small animals (mice, rats) in normal animals and in experimental tumor models. The Lab meets all legal requirements and adheres to the current guidelines for animal welfare. The state-of-the-art facilities (individual ventilation cages with capacity 300 mice/rats) and specialized personnel (FELASA accreditation) ensure reliable experimental conditions even when working with immunosuppressed animals.

The Lab has the facilities and unique expertise for conducting in vivo experiments regarding the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals. Specifically, our in vivo/ex vivo experimentation protocols include biodistribution studies in normal and experimental animal models (e.g., prostate, melanoma, breast cancer tumor models),  ex vivo radio-metabolic studies using analytical methods (radio-HPLC, -ITLC), toxicity studies and PET/SPECT/CT/MRI imaging studies (in collaboration).


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