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Dr Ioannis Pirmettis is Director of Research at the Institute of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences, Technology, Energy & Safety of NCSR “Demokritos”. His is a pharmacist with PhD in radiopharmaceutical chemistry (1991) from the University of Athens, and a long-year expertise in the area of radiopharmaceuticals.
Since 2006, he is a lecturer of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry in the School of Pharmacy, University of Athens and the head of the Laboratory of Radioisotopes & Radiopharmaceuticals, where numerous R&D projects had taken place for the development, authorization and production of various radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy, which were distributed in Greek Hospitals.

His research interests are in the design, synthesis and characterization of novel specific radioactive compounds, mainly with 99mTc, 186/188Re, 18F, 68Ga, with potential interest in targeted molecular imaging and therapy, and especially of tailor-made ligands coupled to biomolecules of interest (peptides and small organic molecules).

He has authored over 100 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters, 200 conference abstracts and several technical reports. He has 3 patents and has supervised 5 MSc students’ dissertations and 2 PhD research theses.

He has participated in 28 competitive funding research projects, of which to the 8 being the principal investigator.

Since 2011, he acts as an expert in Radiopharmaceuticals to the National Organization for Medicines and since 1999, as an External Expert of International Atomic Energy Agency on Radiopharmaceuticals.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals with Fluoride-18: Research, Development and Introduction to the Greek Market for Diagnosis / Progression of Major Diseases with PET

2018-2021 | ΕΣΠΑ/Ερευνώ – Δημιουργώ– Καινοτομώ

This grant refers to research, development and availability of innovative F-18 radiopharmaceuticals to be used in the daily clinical practice of Nuclear Medicine in Greece, for the diagnosis of serious diseases. PET has evolved into one of the most important imaging techniques in medicine for the di...


Development of an automated, novel biosensor platform for pesticide residue detection

2011-2013 | EU/FP7-SME-2011 (286442)

Principle Investigator (NCSRD): Dr. Evangelia Livaniou Researchers Participating (NCSRD): Dr. S. Kakabakos, Dr. D. Mastellos, Dr. P. Petrou, Dr. I. Pirmettis Budget (NCSRD): 237,181.25 euros The European farming community is under a number ...

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