Research Director, Pharmacist


Dr Minas Papadopoulos is Director of Research and Head of the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Group at the Institute of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences, Technology, Energy & Safety, NCSR “Demokritos”.  His expertise lies in the design and synthesis of appropriate ligands for the stabilization of various metals of medical interest in different oxidation states (mainly Rhenium and Technetium) as well as their biological evaluation.

His scientific interests focus on the development of novel targeted radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and/or therapy. He has authored more than 100 research publications in international journals and has supervised more than 10 PhD theses. He is also co-lecturing «Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry» in both under-graduate and post-graduate level at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens. He has also participated in a number of competitive, externally-funded research programs.

Dr Papadopoulos holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry (1991) and a Bsc in Pharmacy (1985) from the School of Pharmacy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Selected Publications

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