Technical Scientific Personnel, Environmental Scientist

Panagiotis Panagopoulos M.Sc is an Environmental Manager (2011, University of Patras, Patras Technical School) with a master on Chemistry, Technology and Environmental Management (University of Athens, 2017). Since 2014, he has collaborated with NSCR Demokritos and he has participated in the following European and national R & D projects: ICARUS ‘Integrated Climate forcing and Air Pollution Reduction in Urban Systems’ (Horizon 2016-2020). Establishing a multidisciplinary and effective innovation and entrepreneurship hub Development and Implementation i. analysis of greenhouse gases and ii. photocatalytic techniques for degradation of gaseous pollutants. Conduct of epidemiological research and assessment of environmental parameters at IWMF (Waste Management Integrated Facilities) of West Attica and its wider area. His expertise covers experimental study of indoor and outdoor air pollution, air quality measurements, chemical analysis, photocatalytic processes, urban and indoor environment. Furthermore, he has participation in Environmental Services to Public and Private sector: Air quality measurements in ambient air and indoor microenvironments (i.e. schools, hospitals, residences, industries, museums and archives, public buildings, means of transport).


Selected Publications

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