Principal Researcher, Chemist

Thomas Maggos, M.Sc, PhD: Senior Researcher. Head of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Innovative Technologies Lab (AirTec-Lab) of the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”. Following his basic studies in Chemistry at the University of Crete, he joined the University of Athens where he received M.Sc in Environmental Chemistry & Technology. He received his PhD in the Mechanical Engineering department of the University of West Macedonia. In 1998 he joined the institute of Nuclear Technology – Radiation Protection at the National Center for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’ in Athens, working, innovative technological systems for the performance of air quality measurements in urban, indoor and occupational environment and on photocatalytic processes and applications for air pollutants abatement. He is Coordinator of LIFE+2019 “VISIONS” project and Principal Investigator (PI) of the HORIZON 2020 project named “ICARUS”. Furthermore, he participates in various European and National R&D projects such as FP7, LIFE+ & REGGPOT. He is member of CEN/TC264/WG15 (Particulate Matter PM10/PM2.5) & CEN/TC386/WG2 (Photocatalysis/Air Purification) working groups. He is in charge of the accreditation of AirTec-Lab by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A (ESYD) under the terms of ELOT EN ISO 17025:2017 standard for specific gas pollutant measurements. He has also participated as national expert in authoring the Committee of the Regions (CoR) opinion on the COM(2012)39 of the European Commission titled “A REINFORCED ERA PARTNERSHIP FOR EXCELLENT AND GROWTH”. He is deputy coordinator to the Indoor TG of ERNCIP (European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection) since 2016 and deputy member of the management board of COST17136 INDAIRPOLLNET action. He has more than 70 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and more than 110 in international conferences.

Selected Publications

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