Technical Personnel, Engineer

Fotis Kapiris is a Laboratory Technician in the Radiochemical Studies Laboratory (INRASTES, NCSR “Demokritos”) since 2015 under the framework of several research programs.  He is a graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering at Piraeus University of Applied Sciences – P.U.A.S. (2010), an MSc holder in Politics and Applied Methods for the Protection of the Environment, P.U.A.S. (2020) and a certified Technical Safety Officer (2013).  The main responsibilities of his work is the maintenance and development of the eukaryotic (cancer and healthy) cell lines of the laboratory’s cell bank and the implementation/optimization of special biological experiments of radiolabeled or non- compounds.  His daily technical duties concern in vitro procedures such as culturing, sub-culturing and freezing cell lines (with detailed documentation), media preparation, contamination screening, regular maintenance of general laboratory equipment (e.g. pipettes, incubators) as well as monitoring, ordering and storing lab supplies.  Furthermore, he is responsible to conduct biological experiments that concern the development of tumors (xenografts) by the implantation of cancer cells in experimental animals, cytotoxicity assays through MTT, cell uptake and internalization studies, cell cycle and apoptosis analysis through FACS, intracellular ROS assessment through DCFH-DA protocol, western immunoblotting and electrophoresis analysis, immunostaining, optical/fluorescence and confocal microscopy and handling cryotome, microtome and vibratome for the generation of serial sections from fixed or non-tissues.

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