Technical Personnel, Thermohydraulic

Stavros Houbardas holds a degree of thermohydraulics from the technical School of Athens.

He has a certificate of adequate knowledge and training in terms or radiation protection provided by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC, 2012)

He has also been trained in emergency planning policy issues in the PSEA School (2010).


  • Radiation Protection course (GAEC, 2007)
  • Course for calibration of ionizing radiation equipment and management of radiation sources (GAEC, 2007).
  • Seminar on radioactive waste management (GAEC, 2015).
  • Interregional Training Course on Cat 3-5 Sources (IAEA, Havana, Cuba, 2018).
  • Interregional Training Course Practical Hands on Training on the Management of Category 3-5 DSRS, (IAEA, Rabat, Morocco, 2018).

Technician of Radiation Protection in the Health Physics, Radiobiology & Cytogenetics Laboratory:

  • Inspection for radio contamination and exposure rate measurements at the labs and the installations of the NCSR “D”
  • Daily radiological inspection to the vehicles that transport radioactive products from the airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” to the diagnostic and therapeutic centres of Greece
  • Calibration of ionizing radiation equipment
  • Disassembly of Category 3-5 radiation sources
  • Inspection of the liquid low- and high-level radioactive waste network of the NCSR “D”
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