Associate Researcher, Chemical Engineer


Dr. Stella Giannissi holds a Master in Business Administration 2021 (HOU, Greece), Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering 2016 (NTUA, Greece), M.Sc. in Computational Fluid Mechanics 2010 (NTUA, Greece) and Diploma in Chemical Engineering (University of Patras, Greece). She is Research Associate in the Environmental Research Laboratory (EREL) of NCSRD “Demokritos” with extensive experience in research projects with the participation of academia and industry at both National and European level. Ηer research interests include CFD, dispersion modeling, hydrogen safety research, natural gas leaks, ammonia leaks, cryogenic releases, compressed releases, multiphase flows, turbulent flows, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, energy transition, green technologies.

She is the coordinator of the Safety Working Group within the European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership (active until end of 2021) and has participated in several EU-funded projects, such as ShipFC, HyTunnel-CS, PRESLHY, NET-tools, FOAMBUILD. She has received funding from the ESPA project “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020” as young researcher and by IKY fellowships to conduct postdoc research. She has co-authored 22 publications in peer reviewed journals and more than 20 contributions to international and national conferences.

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Selected Publications

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