Functional Scientific Personnel (B), Mechanical Engineer


Dr. Stamatios Babalis is a Functional Scientific Personnel (B) and is a member of the scientific staff of the Solar and Other Energy Systems Laboratory (SESL) of the National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR) “DEMOKRITOS”.
He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Genoa (Italy) and has received a PhD degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Prior to joining the NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” in 2000, he held various positions in the industry and the NCSR “Demokritos”, covering both R&D and project management in Greece and Italy.
He participated in the implementation of several Research & Development programs of SESL Projects concerning the development of Accredited Laboratory-Research Infrastructures. His research interests focus on the study of heat and mass transfer phenomena, in the analysis and design of solar and other energy systems such as heat storage devices, solar systems and collectors, solar-assisted dryers as well as mechanical and solar-assisted drying systems and processes. He has participated in a number of research and development projects on these issues, four of which he was scientific responsible. He has published over 20 technical articles in scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, and edits of standards and technical guidelines that have received a significant number of reports (over 600) in other journal publications. He is a regular reviewer in several reputable journals in the area of ​​solar energy and drying.
Actually is the responsible for testing of the component and system testing group at the Solar and Other Energy Systems Laboratory of the National Research Center “DEMOKRITOS”. He has a 25 years’ experience in testing solar thermal systems and components according to the relevant EN and ISO standards. He is member of the CEN TC 312 and of the Solar Keymark Network.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

Design optimization and evaluation of thermal solar products

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Procedures for the certification of performance of large cus-tom-made solar thermal systems, with particular emphasis on the modelling tools

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