Research Director, Chemical Engineer

Director of Research at NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”, PhD in chemical engineering, with 30 years’ experience, in the fields of risk management and risk assessment. Experience has been gained at the laboratory of systems reliability and industrial safety, in the National Research Center “DEMOKRITOS” and involvement in various EU funded projects. She has published 39 papers in scientific journals, 52 papers in Conference proceedings, 4 chapters in books and 134 reports. She has supervised 51 Master theses.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

SUstainability PERformance of LNG-based maritime mobility - PLUS

2018-2022 | ADRION-INTERREG 2014-2020

(SUPER-LNG PLUS) funded by ADRION-INTERREG 2014-2020, Coordinator: Dr. O Aneziris [2022] The European project SUPER-LNG-PLUS is a continuation of the previous project SUPER-LNG, which was dedicated to increasing the level of safety, environmental quality and sustainability of liquefied natural ga...


Risk management for LNG bunkering facilities

2018-2021 | ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

Project: TRiTON «Risk management for LNG bunkering facilities» funded by ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020, Coordinator: Dr. O Aneziris , Dr Z Nivolianitou [2018–2021] The main aim of the project is to develop an integrated risk management system covering all the stages of the life cycle of a port facility storing ...


SUstainability PERformance of LNG-based maritime mobility

2018-2020 | ADRION-INTERREG 2014-2020

Environmental pressure in port areas and in urban areas close to ports is high owing to emissions from ships, port machinery and transport to/from the port areas. LNG is proposed as a low-carbon clean fuel for marine transport in port areas. The boost of LNG marine and terrestrial propulsion may be ...


Total Safety Management for Industrial Organisations

2013-2016 | European funding

The objective of the project was to develop an integrated methodology for safety, quality and productivity management system throughout the life cycle of a project or product for chemical plants.


Occupational and Process Safety

2012-2014 | RIVM research institute in the Netherlands

The aim was to develop labour risk calculation models in different working conditions, to check the Netherlands occupational accidents database, and analyse their trend.


Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risk

2008-2013 | European funding

The aim was to develop a new emerging risk management model with a set of principles, methods and tools in a common language. It included 17 different applications in industrial installations in order to cover a wide range of new technologies.

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