Materials Fabrication and Processing Facilities


Magnetron sputtering system

Magnetron sputtering system for layer deposition

Used for layer deposition of conductive and non-conductive materials equipped with

  • DC and RF sputtering sources
  • Heating/bias voltage/rotation stage of the substrate
  • 2 target stations

Metallographic equipment

Struers Tegramin 25 automatic sample polisher

  • Motorised Zeiss Axio Imager.Z2m optical microscope with automatic focusing, Bright/Dark Field, Circular Differential Interference Contrast, x100 objective magnification
  • Struers Tegramin 25 automatic grinder/polisher with 6 sample positions
  • Struers Lectropol 5 for automatic electropolishing and etching
  • Buehler IsoMet low-speed saw
  • Buehler Minimet 1000 grinder/polisher
  • Fume hood for chemical processing and preparation of samples

High temperature furnace

Thermal treatment

Various annealing furnaces under high vacuum or inert atmospheres up to 1750 ºC

Radioactive materials handling

  • Shielded fumehoods
  • Glove boxes
  • Dry hot cells

Lead Scientist

Nuclear Technology

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