Installation of Independent Test Loops for Experimental Thermal-Hydraulic Investigation of Heat Exchange Equipment


The hydraulic loops are used for the thermal-hydraulic characterization of heat exchange devices intended for use in heat generation and heat transfer plants
The installation consists of independent thermal-hydraulic components which can be combined in order to characterize a heat transfer device. Two of its main components are a hot water and a cold water testing loops, both capable of supplying high flow rates (up to 5000 l/h). The third component is capable of a lower flow rate (up to 1500 l/h) and is intended for production and supply of hot water.
More specifically , the experimental facility consists of the following individual components (see drawings, pictures etc.):
1. 5m3 tank, where the water is stored and conditioned. Heating is provided by means of properly sized electrical resistances, while the cooled water is conditioned by means of a 10KW heat pump. Water in the tank is continuously recycled via recirculator to achieve temperature uniformity.
2. Water circulation pumps and various hydraulic components (valves, expansion tank, automatic filling system, etc.).
3. Electromagnetic flow meters, both for low (up to 1500l / h) and for high flow rate (up to 5000l / h).
4. Tap water supply circuit for a flow rate of up to 1500l / h which consists of pump, hydraulic components (valves, vents, etc.) and electromagnetic flow meter for water drawn-off.
5. Complete data logging system via PC, for measuring thermal hydraulic parameters consisting of temperature sensors (Pt100), pressure meters and flow meters as above described.
6. Dedicated electrical board panels, equipped with all the required devices for power supply, control and driving of electronic and hydraulic components (controllers, inverter, switches, fuses, etc.).
Hydraulic connections between different components are accomplished by means of suitable high-temperature-resistant (up to 650 oC), flexible metal piping (Flex AISI 316 L).

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