Immunochemistry Group Infrastructure


The infrastructure of Immunochemistry Group labs includes:

  • Radioiodination unit (40 m2) equipped with safety flow radioisotope fume hoods for radiolabelling with 125I and purification of the labeled compounds through LC and HPLC
  • 12-Well gamma-counters (Berthold LB2111 and και Raw data, Oakfield, Sourcerer)
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometers (Shimadzu UV-160A & Perkin-Elmer Lambda35)
  • Fluorometer ((PTI, USA)
  • TECAN-Spark multimode microplate reader
  • ELISA plate readers (Multiscan RC by Lasbsystems OY & Sirio S by SEAC Radim Group)
  • Fluorescence microtiter plate reader (Accent Fluoroscan, Lasbsystems OY)
  • Luminescence microtiter plate reader (EG&G Berthold, Microlumat LB96P)
  • Multi-label microtiter plate reader (optical density, fluorescence, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence) (VICTOR3, Perkin-Elmer)
  • Microtiter plate washers ((Labsystems ΟΥ και Sirio S, Seak)
  • Microtiter plate orbital shakers
  • Epifluorescence microscope (Axioscop, Carl Zeiss) equipped with cooled CCD camera (MicroPublisher 3.3 RTV CCD camera, QImaging) and image processing software ((ImagePro Plus 4.0)
  • Microarray spotter for the preparation of protein and DNA arrays (Bio-Odyssey Caligrapher, BioRad)
  • Microarray scanner equipped with lasers at 545 and 650 nm (Perkin Elmer Gx microarray scanner)
  • Bright and dark field optical microscope (Axioscan, Carl Zeiss) equipped with a digital camera (Sony Cybershot)
  • High Performance Liquid chromatography system (HPLC) and amino-acid analyzer with UV-Vis and fluorescence detectors (Waters)
  • Preparatory HPLC system with UV detector (Waters)
  • HPLC system with MS/MS triple stage quandrapole detector (VARIAN)
  • Electrophoresis and liquid chromatography systems (LKB)
  • Capillary electrophoresis system for proteins and DNA (BioRad)
  • Thermocycler for PCR (BioRad)
  • Deep freezers (-80 oC), freezers and refrigerators, ovens and incubators
  • Ovens (up to +250 oC) and incubators (up to +70 oC)
  • Ultra-pure water systems
  • General laboratory equipment (magnetic stirrers, pH meters, etc.)

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