Data Analysis and Collection for Costing of Research Reactor Decommissioning
2016-2019 | IAEA

DACCORD-2: This project is an extension of the initial project. Even as DACCORD-1 met its objectives, it became apparent that further input in the area of planning, characterization and estimation of uncertainty would be of great value in the preparation of preliminary cost estimates. It also became evident that the Cost Estimation for Research Reactors in Excel (CERREX) tool, the backbone of the cost estimating methodology promoted in the DACCORD project, would benefit from enhancements to improve user experience. It was therefore agreed to initiate DACCORD-2 to improve the availability of information in these areas.

Three main working groups, comprising representatives of different IAEA Member States, undertook this work. They addressed the costing methodology and analysis of costing cases, the impact of characterization strategies on decommissioning costing, and sensitivity and probabilistic analysis. Overall project coordination was provided by a coordinating working group comprising G. Bacsko (Hungary), V. Daniska (Slovakia), P. Gengoux (France), E. Gouhier (France), P. Grossi (Brazil), P. Gui (Italy), A. Gyergyek (Slovenia), K. Krištofová (Slovakia), K. Moshonas Cole (Canada), G. Puskás (Lithuania) and A. Savidou (Greece).

The IAEA officers responsible for this publication were P.J. O’Sullivan of the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology and V. Ljubenov of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety.

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