Quantitative risk-based approach to ship design for fire safety

The main purpose of Ms. Ioanna Koromilas’ phD dissertation is to propose a general risk model for assessing a passenger ship’s fire safety level at the design stage. It will be based on the principles of quantitative risk assessment (QRA), as set out in the alternative design requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This method will support the design of passenger ships, whilst allowing its future application to other ship types. The proposed model will be able to determine the safety level of a ship by enhancing the decision-making process for the evaluation of various alternative designs. More specifically, both the conceptual and mathematical framework for calculating fire risk will be developed, as well as will be employed advanced fire and evacuation simulation tools (including Fire Dynamics Simulator and PathFinder). The mathematical model will be used to demonstrate the method on a cruise ship.

Ms Koromila’s phD is conducted at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and is supervised by Professor K. Spyrou, Dr Zoe Nivolianitou, and Professor G. Athanasoulis.

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