Technical Personnel, Electronic Engineer


Technologist, Electronics Engineer.

Licensed Nuclear Research Reactor’s Operator (1989 – ). Nuclear Research Reactor’s Physical Protection Committee Coordinator (2012 – ). N.C.S.R. ‘’D’’ Vulnerability Assessment Study Committee Coordinator (2018 – ). External Advisory Board’s member for the European Research Program Η2020 ALADDIN (Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization) (2017 – ). In charge of Nuclear Research Reactor’s Presentations in High Schools/Universities (1990 – ). Head of Technical Support for N.C.S.R.‘’D’’ Conference Centre (2012-2018). Elected Member in the Board of the Panhellenic Federation for the Employees in the Research Centres-Institutions (2017 – ). Elected Member at I.N.RA.S.T.E.S. Scientific Council (2020 – ). He holds a degree from the Department of Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Applied Technologies, A.T.E.I. of Piraeus (1986).

He is participating in the following I.A.E.A.’s Research Programs: J02006, Nuclear Security for Research Reactors and Associated Facilities, J02010, Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats at Nuclear Facilities J02011, Improving the Security of Radioactive Material & of Associated Facilities & Activities.

He has presented the following papers in Conferences:  ‘’Lead Shielding of the Thermal Column of the Greek Research Reactor (GRR-1)’’ – Technical Meeting on Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR), I.A.E.A., November 2009, Petten, The Netherlands, ‘’ An Overview of the G.R.R.-1’s Security System’’, Workshop on Managing the Interface between Safety and Security for Research Reactors, June 2015, I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria,

Co-chairperson, Technical Meeting on the Use of a Systematic Approach to Training in the Field of Nuclear Security, November 2016, I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria, Poster Presentation ‘’Building a Security Vulnerability Assessment Program for the G.R.R.-1’’, International Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material: The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection, I.A.E.A., December 2018, Vienna, Austria, ‘’Selected Teaching Methods’’ & ‘’Threat Definition’’, International Train-the-Trainers Course on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, I.A.E.A., December 2019, New Delhi, India, “Implementing a Table Top Exercise (TTX) for assessing Physical Protection System (PPS) efficiency in N.C.S.R. ‘’Demokritos’’, International Conference on Nuclear Security: Sustaining and Strengthening Efforts (ICONS 2020), February 2020, I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria

He has participated in the following Education/Trainings: Degree, National School of Political Planning during an Emergency (P.S.E.A.) (2009). Performance Testing Workshop, Sandia National Labs, July 2011, Lisbon, Portugal, Improvement of Communication Skills, Group Cooperation, Conflicts and Crisis Management, Education Institute (IN.EP.) – National Centre of Public Administration and Self Government (E.K.D.D.A.) (March 2012), Regional Training Course on the Use of Nuclear Material Accountancy and Control (NMAC), March 2013, I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria, Regional Training Course on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, 23 May – 3 June 2016, I.A.E.A., Delft, The Netherlands, ITC-28: International Training Course on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, Sandia National Labs, 27 October – 15 November 2019, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

He has conducted the following trainings for N.C.S.R.’’D’’ Security Personnel: Table Top Exercise, June 2012, Sandia National Labs, Hellenic Police, Fire Brigade, Target Forder Workshop, February 2013, Sandia National Labs, Hellenic Police, Fire Brigade, Re-education in Security, conducted by Hellenic Police officers, January 2015, Table Top Exercise, May 2019

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