Associate Researcher, Physicist

Dikaia Saraga MSc, PhD, Associate Researcher at the Atmospheric Chemistry and Innovative Technologies Laboratory (AirTec-Lab), is a physicist (University of Athens, 2004) with a master degree on Environmental Physics (University of Athens, 2006). She received her PhD (2010, thesis title: Particulate matter source apportionment in indoor air) from the Mechanical Engineering department, University of West Macedonia, Greece. She has been a scientific collaborator at Environmental Research Laboratory, NCSR ‘Demokritos’ (September 2002-today), University of West Macedonia, Mechanical Engineering department (2007-2013) and University of Athens, department of Applied Physics (2005-2006). Her full operating skills include air pollution, climatic and meteorological parameters monitoring; indoor environment quality (e.g. chemistry, ventilation, occupant comfort) study; application of reference methods for PM and VOC determination, ionic and OC/EC analysis; Receptor Modeling application (PMF, CMB, FA), application of statistical packages (SPSS, R, MATLAB). Her research interests focus on air pollution and climate change abatement as well as air pollution and population health relationship. She has participated in more than 25 European and National research projects in the field of air quality and climate change. Among them: ICARUS (Horizon 2020), VISIONS, AIRUSE (LIFE+), APICE (MED), BUMA, SINPHONIE and OFFICAIR (FP6, FP7), CLIMACT. She is an analyst at the accreditation of AirTechLab by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A (ESYD) under the terms of ELOT EN ISO 17025:2017 standard for PM10, PM2.5 and specific gas pollutant measurements. She is a member of FAIRMODE group and a member of the management board of COST17136 INDAIRPOLLNET action. She is author of 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and more than 70 conference proceedings and scientific reports and guest editor in four scientific special issues.

Selected Publications

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