Phd Candidate, Information and Communication Systems Engineer

Kotsilitis, Sarantis (BSc) is PhD candidate and Industrial PhD Fellow of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation at SRISL since 2017, in collaboration with Plegma Labs S.A. and the University of the Aegean (UAegean). He holds a bachelor’s degree from the department of Information and Communication Systems engineering (UAegean). He engaged in industrial automation for his diploma thesis, to develop a fully automated Hydrogen production system with Electrolysis using PLC technology. He also acquired hands-on experience on agile methodologies through his successful participation in hackathons and other competitive events. As a founding member of the Student Guru community at UAegean, supported by Microsoft, he engaged in several technologies powered by Microsoft, building applications and presenting them on a monthly basis to the community.

He has participated in various H2020 projects and in some of them he had the role of the Technical coordination, coordinating and being responsible for the technology deployed and used. Finally, he is an experienced proposal writer with multiple funded proposals in H2020 and H2020 cascade funding. His area of expertise is on ML/DL techniques around the area of energy disaggregation and electric data load analysis and acceleration of these techniques on hardware.

Selected Publications

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