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X-ray diffractometer/reflectometer

X-ray diffractometer/reflectometer

Bruker D8 DISCOVERY X-ray diffractometer/reflectometer system with the following options

  • Diffraction
  • Grazing incidence diffraction
  • Reflectivity
  • Wide temperature range, 80 up to 1873 K for diffraction, up to 1100 K for reflectivity
  • 1D position sensitive VANTEC detector

It is used for the investigation of

  • The crystalline structure of materials in bulk, powder or film form
  • Phase formation
  • In-situ kinetic studies for phase transformations
  • Micro-stress determination
  • Grain size determination of nano-structured materials (<500 µm)
  • Layered structure (density, thickness, roughness) of films and multilayers

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

X-ray fluorescence apparatus

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer equipped with

  • Ag X-ray tube (50 kV, 200 µA)
  • Solid state detector with thermoelectric cooling
  • Optical components for beam collimation
  • Automated XYZ sample platform

having an energy resolution of 0.14 keV.

It is used for the determination of stoichiometric elemental analysis of materials. XRF detects elements with Z>11 with ppm detection limit.

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