Use of concentrated solar radiation in the cement industry: Design of a suitable, integrated and low carbon footprint process for limestone calcination
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Cement production is one of the most crucial industrial processes worldwide, providing the most important construction raw material, but also being one of the main sources of CO2 emissions. The growing demand for cement combined with the need to reduce gas emissions dictate the transformation of the traditional cement production process towards reducing its carbon footprint. SOLCEMENT focuses on the design, development, optimization and evaluation of an integrated process for efficient use of concentrated solar radiation to fully or partially meet the energy requirements of CaO production for clinker feed. Efforts include the design and construction of a solar furnace, while the development of a compact, stable, high energy density solar energy storage system is foreseen. This system will be based on the development of novel materials with high cycling stability for CaO/CaCO3 looping. The thermochemical storage system will be evaluated by up-scaling the active material production and designing and implementing a customized test facility.

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