Realizing the European Network in Biodosimetry
2012-2015 | EU within the 7th Framework Programme (EURATOM grant agreement No: 295513)

The of this project was to set up an operational basis of the RENEB network within which the application of seven established biodosimetric tools (the dicentric assay, the FISH assay, the micronucleus assay, the PCC assay, the gamma H2AX assay, electronparamagnetic resonance and optically stimulated luminescence) will be compared and standardised in the participating laboratories. Two intercomparisons were organized where blood sample and smartphone components were irradiated, coded and sent out for dosimetric analysis to participating laboratories. Moreover, an accident exercise was organised where each RENEB partner had the chance to train the procedure of activating the network and to handle large amounts of dosimetric results. All planned activities were carried out as planned. Overall, the precision of dose estimates improved between intercomparison 1 and 2, clearly showing the necessity of running such regular activities. The RENEB network became fully operational and ready to act in case of a major radiation emergency. Moreover, the high capacity for analysing radiation induced damage in cells and personal electronic devices makes the network suitable for large scale analyses of low doses effects, where high numbers of samples must be scored in order to detect week effects.

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