Development of a biogas reformer coupled with independent membrane modules for the production and recovery of highly purified H2
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One of the most sustainable biomass exploitation routes is biogas production. Biogas is thermally rich, but rather poor for electricity generation. On the other hand, biogas reforming to produce H2/CO2 mixtures is a well-studied process and H2 is certainly the optimal fuel for the production of electricity (e.g. fuel cells), given that an additional, energy demanding purification step is added. Membrane technology offers efficient separation schemes due to certain advantages (portability, simple operation, energy/cost savings, easy scaling). The objective of PUREHY is the development of a small scale semi-pilot integrated unit (the first in Greece) to produce pure H2 through biogas reforming combined with a novel membrane separation system. The unit comprises a biogas pretreatment unit, a set of highly efficient reforming/water gas shift reactors for the production of H2/CO2 mixture and a uniquely designed combined polymer-ceramic membrane cascade, for H2/CO2 separation.

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