Application of novel porous materials in industrial gas separation / purification processes
- | European Union & Greek national funds - Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE Call

PUREGAS aims at the design and development of new gas-separation/purification prototype systems, specifically targeted for adsorption based H2 and air purification, by means of novel metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). PureGas will be centered on the synthesis and use of a new family of up-scalable, cost-efficient and highly stable fluorinated metal-organic frameworks-MOFs (F-MOFs) and their functionalized derivatives as novel adsorbents, suitable for removal of H2O and CH4 traces. Simultaneously, the project will design and develop new pressure/thermal/vacuum swing adsorption (PSA/TSA/VSA) processes and pertinent prototype systems based on F-MOFs.

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