Development of water based conductive inks based on graphene for gravure and flexography printing
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Among the most advanced applications of nanotechnology is the development of printed flexible electronics, which are expected to dominate soon in the field of electronic devices. Their development is directly linked to the demand for cost-efficient advanced conductive inks that can be printed on flexible substrates with standard industrial techniques (gravure, flexography). At the same time, the requirement for environmentally friendly printing processes has led to the need for water based inks. GRAPHEIN (project code T1EΔK – 02093) aims at the design and synthesis of conductive water based graphene inks as well as the development of a final product (for gravure-flexography) that can be printed in existing ink industrial lines. In addition to test images, a functional electronic device (antenna) will be designed and printed in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the new inks. The most promising formulations will be upscaled and tested in industrial printing machines while techno-economic assessment has been also planned.

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