EUROfusion in Horizon Europe
2021-2025 | European Commission / Horizon Europe (FP9)

The EUROfusion programme directs and integrates research across Europe into a comprehensive R&D programme to realise fusion energy. Fusion energy has the potential to generate sustainable, low-carbon heat and electricity from a low-footprint facility, using the same process that produces all the energy of the Sun. Future fusion power plants would complement renewable energy from solar and wind (in combination with storage) currently being developed, and would produce clean base load energy from abundant fuels.

The Research activities of the Fusion Technology Group within EUROfusion refer to the following Work-Packages:

  • PrIO, Preparation for ITER operation: Neutronic calculations and measurements of fusion devices
  • MAT-IREMEV, Materials-Integrated Radiation effects modelling and Experimental Validation: Radiation damage studies of fusion materials
  • PWIE, Plasma wall interaction and exhaust: Investigation of fuel retention, surface erosion, material migration/(re)deposition in plasma facing materials from fusion devices
  • BB, Breeding Blanket: Development of neutron detectors based on the multi foil neutron activation technique, for the measurement of the energy spectrum and fluence under the extreme fusion environment
  • SAE, Safety and Environment: Operational Radiation Exposure estimations for the preparation of DEMO Generic Safety Analysis
  • TRED, Education and Training: MSc and PhD theses under the topics of radiation damage studies, plasma-wall interaction, material radiological properties, neutronic calculations of fusion devices
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