Science at the service of the State and Society for tackling Climate Change
2019-2022 | Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investments

NCSR “Demokritos” ENRACT participates in the “Science at the service of the State and Society for tackling Climate Change (CLIMPACT)” network, with other partners including the National Observatory of Athens, the Academy of Athens, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Crete, the Technical University of Crete, the “Athena” Research and Innovation Center and the National Center of Social Research.

CLIMPACT is a flagship initiative on climate change, targeting:

  1.   immediate integration, harmonization, and optimization of existing climate services and early warning systems for climate change-related natural disasters in Greece, including supportive observations from relevant national infrastructures;
  2.   the creation of a scientific core of research excellence to generate new knowledge on climate change, by supporting innovative studies (computational and experimental) to reduce uncertainties in climate models;
  3.   the establishment of an interdisciplinary consortium, which will act as the main advisory body for the State and the citizens on issues of climate change and its related effects. Through scientific excellence and innovative computer and measurement systems, the proposed flagship initiative aims to consolidate this consortium internationally as a scientific interlocutor equal to those of other countries. The initiative is anticipated to influence decision-making internationally both to climate change mitigation and to research-related topics on climate change.
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