Solutions for Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities
2021-2025 | EC/Horizon 2020

NCSR “Demokritos” ENRACT participates in the ATMO-ACCESS project, co-ordinated by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and with 37 other partners from Finland, Italy Germany, France, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Czechia, Greece, Bulgaria, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Estonia and Portugal.

ATMO-ACCESS is the organized response of distributed atmospheric research facilities for developing a pilot for a new model of Integrating Activities. The project will deliver a series of recommendations for establishing a comprehensive and sustainable framework for access to distributed atmospheric Research Infrastructures (RI), ensuring integrated access to and optimised use of the services they provide.

ATMO-ACCESS will open physical and remote access to 43 operational European atmospheric research facilities, including ground-based observation stations, simulation chambers, but also mobile facilities and central laboratories that are fundamental elements in distributed RIs.

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