Postdoctoral Researcher, Pharmacist


Dr. Tsoukalas received his doctoral degree in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry from the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2000, with honors. He was responsible for the designing and construction of the first in Greece, state-of-the-art facilities, for the production of sterile PET Radiopharmaceuticals. His role in BIOKOSMOS SA, involves overall management of the production and the Qualified Person responsibility of PET Radiopharmaceuticals, since 2004. In addition, his role also entails the lead R&D responsibility, providing the guidance and support for research and funding for novel radiopharmaceutical compounds. His interests are in the research and development of radiolabeled compounds (nanoparticles, peptides, antibodies, etc.) for diagnosis (SPECT / PET / CT, SPECT / PET / MRI) and treatment (isotopes for the emission of β and electron Auger particles) of cancer. He has participated and continues to participate in various research projects funded by various international and national organizations (eg IAEA, EU, General Secretariat for Research and Technology). For his participation in these projects he has been honored with national scholarships and awards. Dr. Tsoukalas has 35 publications in international scientific journals and more than 80 participations in international and national conferences. He has coordinated 1 research program and participates as a coordinator for BIOKOSMOS SA in one more.

Selected Grants

COST Action CA19114: Network for Optimized Astatine labeled Radiopharmaceuticals

2020-2024 | European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

The purpose of the COST Action CA19114 entitled "Network for Optimized Astatine-labeled Radiopharmaceuticals" (NOAR) is to create a network of scientists to investigate the production conditions of the α-particle emitter Astatine-211 (Astatine-211: 211At) and its application in Targeted A...


COST Action CA17140 entitled "Nano2Clinic: Cancer Nanomedicine - from the bench to the bedside"

2018-2022 | European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

The COST Action CA17140 entitled "Nano2Clinic: Cancer Nanomedicine - from the bench to the bedside" focuses on the development of nanosystems transporting anti-cancer drugs. The pan-European network of specialists from universities, research centers, clinical research organizations and companies is ...


Dual-targeting iron oxide nanoparticles against bombesin receptors (BNRs) and Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA), radiolabeled with Gallium-68, as PET/MRI imaging agents for prostate cancer

2020-2021 | ΕΣΠΑ/Εκπαίδευση και Δια Βίου Μάθηση

The present research project is focused on the development of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) radiolabeled with 68Ga, for dual-modality molecular imaging of prostate cancer with PET/MRI. These NPs are functionalized with adequate pharmacophores (peptides or peptidomimetic molecules) so a...

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