Principal Researcher, Physicist

Dr. Anastasia Savidou is head of the Radioactive Materials Management Laboratory and she coordinates the Radioactive Waste and Material Management Group. She is internationally recognized as an expert in radioactive waste and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and has been recognized in the country as a radiation protection expert. She is the scientific coordinator of working groups in the European projects of Horizon 2020, ROUTES-EURAD and “WP4-Innovation in metallic waste treatment and conditioning” PREDIS and she was a member of the coordination group of the DACCORD project of the International Atomic Energy Agency (2012-2019). She is a member of the National Committee for Radioactive Waste Management, represents the country as delegate of the research entity NCSRD in the European Joint Program for Radioactive Waste Management & Disposal (EURAD) and she is an official counterpart of Greece since 2011 in technical cooperation projects of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the field of nuclear decommissioning. She also represents the NCSRD in the international network SITEX (Sustainable network for Independent Technical EXpertise on radioactive waste management).

She has performed more than 35 technical studies and prepared the relevant technical reports, she has authored 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 40 publications in conference proceedings. In the field of her scientific and research interests she has developed cooperation with tens of organizations in Europe and around the world – Research Centers, Universities and Technology Organizations.

Her scientific interests focus on finding feasible solutions for the safe management of radioactive waste in countries with small inventory of radioactive waste (SIMS-Small Inventory Member States). Her research activity mainly concerns the development of non-destructive techniques for radiological characterization of waste, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and facilities as well as techniques for validation of radiological characteristics resulting from models and calculations.

Selected Publications

Selected Grants

European Joint Program for Radioactive Waste Management & Disposal

2019-2024 | EC, Horizon 2020

EURAD project (European Joint Program for Radioactive Waste Management & Disposal) - Grant Agreement number: 847593, Work Package ROUTES (Strategic Study on «Waste Management Routes in Europe from Cradle to Grave). Participants: IRSN, ANDRA, ARAO, BEL V, CEA,...


Pre-disposal Management of Radioactive Waste

2020-2024 | EC, Horizon 2020

PREDIS - PRE-DISposal management of radioactive waste - Grant Agreement number: 945098, Work Package “Innovation in metallic waste treatment and conditioning”. Participants: IMT, VTT, NNL, CEA, SCK CEN, CTU, UJV, CNRS, ORANO, DMT, FZJ, NCSRD , SORC, Nucleco, POLI...


Data Analysis and Collection for Costing of Research Reactor Decommissioning

2012-2015 | IAEA

DACCORD-1: This decommissioning project provides representative input and benchmarking data required for the costing of research reactor decommissioning at preliminary planning stages. These data are important for plant managers and policy makers involved in decisions on how to proc...


Data Analysis and Collection for Costing of Research Reactor Decommissioning

2016-2019 | IAEA

DACCORD-2: This project is an extension of the initial project. Even as DACCORD-1 met its objectives, it became apparent that further input in the area of planning, characterization and estimation of uncertainty would be of great value in the preparation of preliminary cost estimate...



2017-2021 | Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Development of a time and cost-effective technology for radiological characterization and segregation of NORM from oil industries Co-funded by POLYECO S.A.

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